Due to technological developments in the construction and use of modern and energy-saving materials, pitched roofs have become especially important architectural and design elements, giving each individual building distinctive look and provide her adequate protection.

In this article we will try to draw your attention to the necessary materials and accessories for a contemporary concrete roof tiles, as well as practical ways to determine the quantities of these materials without resorting to the services of qualified professionals.

Our tips are aimed at customers who do not have special training, and would like to calculate precisely enough the necessary materials for pitched roofs, no matter whether it is new construction or renovation, resurfacing and upgrading of the existing one. These tips will help you to make and preliminary budget.

Output data

For drafting the bill of materials for an object and the first prerequisite is to have a technical or working drawings, including a situation plan of roof sections – transverse and longitudinal and facades. When will be made only overlap an existing roof, most often missing drawings. In this case it is necessary to make the shooting on the roof as sketches inflict all necessary dimensions of ridges, valleys eaves and front boards.

The necessary baseline data to classify and any specific requirements of the project or client regarding: the type of roof tiles, the arrangement, the color and others.
Determining the number of required tiles

Each drawing plan of the roof are caused roof lines that show the locations and lengths of ridges and valleys. They define the type of roof – Gable, in four levels or combined.

roofingservices.jpgPlan the roof subtract lengths of ridges, which if not quoted shall be determined by known geometric formulas. Immediately we must stress that was inclined to be reckoned with and a reduction coefficient. The number of caps is determined by cost 2.7 pcs. / M’po formula:

From the drawings of plan and determine the necessary incisions units start and end caps. Depending on the type and complexity of the roof, it can happen and does not need end caps. It is therefore very important to watch the cuts. Generally each must be started with an initial cover and ending with a final cover.

To preserve the aesthetic value of cover for each of the three types of tiles are produced and the types of covers tailored to the size and characteristics of the tiles purposes.

Everything said here about the number of accessories refer to the roof, which has drafted and there are drawings. When you need to overwrite the existing roof and no drawings, the lengths of the ridges, the Mayans, eaves, valleys and top boards can be measured on site and then determine the necessary copies of relevant accessories.

In cases where our clients face difficulties in their quest to form their own budget plan for the construction of the roof or repair of existing, can turn to us to get qualified advice and help from the technical consultants.

The steps here to give you information on the main elements of the roof, but when we talk about contemporary sloping roof necessarily should spomem and all accessories and components, providing breathing, waterproofing, regulation of humidity conditions, and strengthening the security of the roof, fighting the snow , birds and rodents.